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Caulking Professionals is one of the Toronto’s leading caulking application specialists. We are committed to rendering all our customers with a practiced solution for any mastic sealant requirement, with the supply of advanced products and their specialist treatment by our skillful workforce.

We offer complete caulking services, sealing, and weatherproofing services. We are proficient at fixing all types of sealants, growing foam sealants, seeping sealers, tuck pointing, small waterproofing works, compression seal systems, fire rated sealants, sprays, and pedestrian and vehicular class deck coating. Caulking Professionals is licensed, insured and bondable. We handle new structure, reconstructions, and repairs to existing buildings, working with several local general contractors and administration companies, on a broad variety of projects.

We have been able to authenticate ourselves as one of the most capable, informed and competitively priced caulking companies in the industry. Undertaking projects with leading building contractors, we have built our credit on providing customers with a quality service that is always performed on time, within estimates and to the highest specification.

With the corporate presence in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and surrounding area, our trained workforce is able to undertake projects on a nationwide basis and always deliver a service of the highest order. Our expertise and experience in the application of caulks in various settings ensure the best-suited caulks will be applied to guarantee long-term effectiveness and sturdiness.

Caulking Professionals Toronto & GTA

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Caulking, Re-Sealing, and Siliconing by Trained Mastic Men

Hard-Working Professionals Work all the Sealing Jobs

The masters of Caulking Professionals are here, and they mean business. All the sealing jobs, be it for your washroom, kitchen, or any other area of your house, will be managed with high efficiency, without leaving any mess for you to deal with. Besides, if there’s any tiling or grouting task to be done, you can be entirely sure, that the handymen will take care of it.

Equipment and Materials

Everything needed for the timely completion of your service will be carried by the experts so that your washroom/shower/sink will be sealed flawlessly. This includes the supplies that will be applied. Also, did you know there are sealants of various colors? You can tell us which one you prefer in advance, and your handyman will bring it. And please bear in mind that the costs for the materials applied will be calculated in the final bill.

  • Internal and external window frames

  • Bathroom/Kitchen/utility/toilet

  • Glass to glass

  • Tile/Wood to skirting joints

  • Expansion Joints

  • Acoustic sound proofing

  • Air test jointing

  • Lead work sealing

  • Fire seal

  • Floor saw cut joints

  • Swimming pool

  • Cut out – reseals

Caulking Professionals

Caulking Professionals is an owner-operated business based in Toronto offering caulking solutions and doing our part to ensure the job is done right. Our goal is to help clients save on energy costs, prevent water damage from weather and condensation build up, and provide the most professional caulking solutions for their home and/or business in the GTA. We are committed to providing affordable, effective and energy efficient solutions to your home and/or business.

We are fully insured and highly qualified, we’ve been in the industry for over 5 years, allowing us to gain a solid reputation and wide client base.

Caulking Services

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  • Alan M.
    Caulking Professionals made it possible for my business to get an inspection and up to code in a matter of days. They were faster, more affordable and, overall, just better than any other company we checked out. Thank you, again!
    - Alan M., Business Owner
  • Brenda A
    Can’t say enough about how Caulking Professionals helped me! They not only did a great job but made sure to explain each step they were taking and why it was necessary for my home. We will be recommending them to others and using them whenever we need caulking done around the house.
    - Brenda A., Homeowner
  • Bill Z
    Best caulking job! I’ve owned several homes and businesses in my lifetime and have had to hire many different contractors and repairmen over the years. Caulking Professionals were by and large one of the best that I have dealt with and I will definitely be using them again.
    - Bill Z., Homeowner
  • Corey F
    I tried fixing the seals around my old windows several times on my own but always seemed to miss spots or have sloppy gunk buildup of caulk. Hiring Caulking Professionals was the absolute best option. Wish I had hired them right away! They saved me time, money and a whole lot of frustration! A huge thank you to them and their expert team!
    - Corey F., Homeowner
  • Kathryn L
    Beyond worth it! Our house is fairly new, so we didn’t think we’d need new caulking around our windows until we noticed that it was significantly colder than it had been in certain rooms. When Caulking Professionals came out, they told us that caulking often has to be done on new homes because so much settling takes place after building. It was such a relief to have a professional opinion and service.
    - Kathryn L, Homeowner
  • Dave M
    Before hiring Caulking Professionals to treat the windows of our home, our heating bills were literally through the roof … we were losing hundreds of dollars due to weak seals around our attic windows and throughout the house. The Caulking team was able to identify the problem areas and fix them quickly. We’ve seen major improvements in our bills now!
    - Dave M, Homeowner
  • Alysson W
    Our last caulking service not only left gaps in some of the caulking strips, but also created uneven and unsightly globs of caulk around our windows. Caulking Professionals were able to remove the bad product and put in new, even caulking in no time. Awesome experience and would definitely recommend!
    - Alysson W, Business Owner
  • Alex P
    I love my older home, but the drafts raise the heating and cooling bills while making the whole house less comfortable. Caulking Professionals was able to find the problem areas around my windows, attic and foundation, seal them and make my home more efficient despite being nearly 60 years old! Great job!
    - Alex P., Homeowner