Benefits of a Tighter Building Envelope – for new and old homes/buildings

In the past 20 years, the construction industry has shown that buildings are typically leakier than previously expected. Caulking is by far the most efficient and cost effective way to reduce air leaks, water leaks and keep insects outside of your building. Not only does reducing air leaks give you payback in terms of energy savings, it will also make the interior space more comfortable, improve indoor air quality and HVAC function.


Keeping Energy Inside the Building-for old homes and buildings

Air-leaking cracks in the existing caulking may be present for several reasons: the building was not tightly constructed in the first place; cracks developed as the building aged; or the original sealing material has dried out and pulled away. Even if the building is very energy efficient, your building will lose heat in cold weather and gain it when it is hot outside. Caulking Professionals’ main objective is o minimize these losses and gains. To do this we will want to:
1) stop infiltration,
2) reduce heat transfer, and
3) control humidity.
Each of these concerns can be controlled and minimized through proper and professionally applied caulking.

Other Benefits-for old and new homes

Caulking provides a seal against small insects that would otherwise have open routes to enter a house or building. Also, without caulking, insects have access to more hiding places once they enter a structure. In addition to creating a more professional-looking appearance around surfaces and materials, caulking also prolongs the lives of those surfaces. Because it protects against outside elements and thwarts inside water damage, caulking also helps protect against erosion.

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