Window Caulking and Sealing

When window sealing and caulking is done incorrectly, it can lead to severe and expensive consequences.

One consequence is poor insulation. This can quickly lead to an uncomfortably warm environment in the summer and a bone-chilling environment in the winter. It can also mean astronomical heating and cooling bills, because so much air is getting lost.

Poor caulking and broken window seals can also cause frustrating issues like moisture and condensation build up, which causes windows to look foggy. Unprofessional window sealant jobs can quickly become an eyesore, as the material is often porous, fissured, and hard to apply. If window sealant doesn’t adhere tightly to the window, it looks sloppy and won’t work effectively.


Professional Window Sealing

Professional Window Sealing Benefits Include:

  • Lowered energy bills
  • Insect infestation prevention
  • Water damage protection
  • Improved air quality
  • Consistent temperature control
  • Moisture barrier

Our highly trained professionals apply window sealant and caulk with expert precision. If you have expired product on your window, our professionals will do a thorough removal and cleaning of the area before doing a fresh application.

Every customer is guaranteed windows that are left looking clean, aesthetically pleasing, and sealed tightly for optimal insulation and protection. Best of all, our window sealing services come with a warranty that is better than our competitors.

We use commercial-grade window sealant and caulk that is non-toxic, safe, does not shrink, and lasts between 10-20 years. Our product is effective at keeping out the most torrential rainfalls and high-pressure waters. And, because of its flexible consistency, it is safe to use in hot climates and below zero weather. It is perfect for Toronto’s extreme seasons and temperatures! You won’t find a better window sealant on the market, or a better professional to apply it.

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