Landscape Sealing

Sealing outdoor patios, driveways, walkways, steps, decks, gates and other structures is a smart way to save money in the long run, keep your property safe, and maintain an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

Landscape Sealing Helps:

  • Protect against weather erosion
  • Prevent staining
  • Preserve original color and prevent fading or discoloration
  • Keep maintenance costs low
  • Prevent cracking and natural breakdowns
  • Repel dirt and debris
  • Stop weeds from growing through

Cleaning & Sealing Process

Our team of professionals diligently follow a three-step process to ensure every landscape sealing is completed to perfection.

  • Step 1: High pressure wash cleaning, thorough inspection of area, and efflorescence cleaning application (if necessary).
  • Step 2: Removal of weeds, moss, and grass (if necessary) and application of joint treatment or polymeric sand.
  • Step 3: Application of non-toxic, flexible acrylic based sealant.

Toronto Landscape Sealing Services

Landscape Stone Sealing

Protect your patio stones and granite slabs from UV rays, weathering, oil, dirt, and cracks.

Interlocking Joint Treatment

Commonly combined with our landscape stone sealing service, interlocking joint treatment protects interlocking paver driveways, stone paths, and granite slab walkways from weeds, ants and other insects, and dirt stains.

Wood Deck Sealing

Wooden decks, gazebos, and gates can quickly breakdown if not treated with high-quality sealant. Our wood treatment sealant is water repellent, mildew and mold resistant, protects against UV rays and is long-lasting.

Caulk Over Grout

Do you have a tiled patio area? Caulk is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to grout because it doesn’t crack, is more durable, more flexible, and has lower maintenance costs. We can either apply caulk directly or apply caulk over old grout.

Pool Coping

Pool coping is a cap around the edge of a pool that conceals the structure, gives swimmers something to grip on to, prevents water from getting behind the pool shell, helps direct water flow down into drain decks, and enhances the overall look of the pool. Every pool coping service is customized to our client’s needs.

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